Be Recognized as a Video Advertising Experts by Google Adword Video Certification

Recently Google Announced to provide an advanced certification in Video Advertising, which is now is now available to all members of Google Partners.

This certification is specially designed to recognize users and show their expertising in Video Marketing. Also it comes as a separate certificate that will allow you to give a double chance to achieve your clients.

This new certification is designed to recognize users with expertise in video advertising on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

To earn the Video Advertising advanced certification, you'll need to get certified in AdWords. Once you've done that, follow these steps to get your advanced certification:

1. Sign in to Google Partners and click the Video Ads link
2. Review the training materials on the Video Advertising page
3. When you're ready, take the Video Advertising exam
A printable HTML version of your Video Advertising advanced certificate will be available on your My profile page.

Above I have shown an example that how would your certicate will appear once. (Current image is just an example).
All The Best!


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