Why Directories Links Still Have SEO Benefits

Web directories have been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web in the early 1990's and are still recognized as an important channel for advertising businesses online. People often get web directories and search engines mixed up. The difference between a search engine like Google and web directories is that Google uses a web crawler to automatically index websites to show up in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), while a web directory organizes links under various categories and sub-categories.
How to Get Quality Directories Links from Bad Directories
Quality website directories allow you to enter your preferred link title that best describes what your website is about. The anchor text, or Link Title, is an important factor in determining where your site appears for certain search terms in Google's search results.
Quality website directories are human edited, it’s means that directory links are not approved automatically. It means that a directory moderator or webmaster will review your website before making the listing live and won't approve your website if it does not meet the directory's quality guidelines.

Many website directories that were previously actively moderated and regularly updated are now pretty much dormant. One way to determine this is to see if the directory shows link statistics on the number of links approved and the number of links awaiting review. If the number of links awaiting approval is vastly larger than the total number of published links, it's probably a waste of time submitting a listing.
Good website directories pass Google Page Rank through links to your website within their directory listings, but there are directories out there that prevent this from happening. They do this by using a tag in their links called a "nofollow attribute." If the link to your website contains this tag, it is rendered almost useless to you.
Quality directory websites do not accept links to rubbish websites (link farms and websites with nothing but affiliate or advertising links) or to sites that are otherwise not useful to real humans. A directory worth its SEO salt should also not allow links that redirect to another site.
Quality directory websites require manual submission not automated. Avoid automated directory submission software because there is a good chance that any directories that accept automated software driven submission are not going benefit your website.


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