Google New Search Trend More People Logged In google

Google image Google New Search Trend More People Logged In google accounts

Schmidt’s response essentially is that the Google’s search algorithm will absorb more realtime and social data over time: “With respect to social and realtime, we use complex signals to do ranking. Over time we will add realtime and social cues.” Some of this comes in the form of direct data feeds, such as Google gets from Twitter. But to really be social, search needs to be personalized to each individual’s own social stream.

Schmidt acknowledges as much: “We are quite convinced that produces a better search result for people who choose to give us that information. We want people to be more logged into Google.”
In other words, Google will give you better search results if you share your social data with them. (source: )

In My Opinion:

Google is trying to mix the search engine and social engine and I don't see any benefit for the end user...if google personalizes my results and shows results from my social circle, why should i visit a search engine, as i already get that information through twitter or facebook...

The problem with big corporates is they think too big rather than keeping things simple...Google shouldn't forget that they grew so big because they used to keep things is funny that they now want to implement what everyone else does...

Today there is twitter and facebook, a few years down the line there could be something else and do you want to compete with all of them with a single product? It doesn't make sense...

Most of the projects Google did (gmail, maps, google checkout, etc) is to gather the data, to draw people in. They do not care about users to "serve them best results", they care to learn about users so that they can manipulate a user to results they want to serve.


  1. Google got so big because they used to keep things simple. Maybe the reason why they want to mix the search engine and social engine is that they will get traffic from each social media site. They will be spidered by traffic driven from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, and other social media sites. In this way, Google is trying to drive traffic from a parallel major source. It's that simple. They need more visitors to overtake other search engines.

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