Call to Action: Need in Business

To enjoy a prominent online web presence, it is important that your website design is capable of influencing potential clients to respond to the call for action. Mostly it is seen that the effectiveness of a website is largely determined by the number of customers it succeeds in inspiring for call to action. Hence it is understandable that ‘calls to action’ make an essential need that not only ensures the success of the website but also track return investment for a business. But before we start discussing about the importance of call-to-action for users, let’s browse through to know about what call to action actually is. Here we bring for you a brief overview of
call to action and its importance to users:

What is call-to-action?

When potential customers browse through a website, they go through various
stages of actions such as admire, desire, interest and finally call to action. By call
to action, it is meant that a user moves from his passive state of mind to a more
active role such as signing up for newsletter, purchasing products, sign-up forms
etc. It depends on the efficiency of a website design that is responsible for not only attracting more visitors to the site but also hold on to their interest for long.

User's Call to Action

Only when a visitor is impressed and satisfied with the design and development
features of a website, he thinks of indulging in buying products or services from
that company. It is the call to action of a website that prompts in him to respond
to the desire and avail a product. For example, when a visitor browses through a
branded company website, chances are high that they will be purchasing or ordering something from the site.

To bank on the visitor’s urge to buy, it is important that companies motivate users
with various effective features so that they can be quite sure that visitor’s will want to give-in to the temptation of call to action.

Ways to Motivate Users

While you cannot force your users to opt for your services or products, you can
always motivate them. To survive in today’s competitive market of online business, it is essential that you nudge and encourage users to complete a call to action. Below we have provided you with some techniques that are sure to help you attract more visitors to decide on for the call to action:

  • Make your website content informative and properly worded so that it holds and interests a visitor to call to action
  • Add a personal touch to your website so that visitors feel bonded rather than being forced. Focus more on providing benefits rather than features to your customers.
  • Develop a sense of trust with your visitor so that they can call for action without any resistance and sense of risk.
  • Incentives and rebates make one of the best way to encourage users to call to action. Most companies provide with a wide variety of incentives, but with limitations.
  • Participate actively in social networking sites as testimonials and peer
pressure makes one of the most effective tools that lead to call for action
among users.

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