How To Check Hit By Penguin? Google Query Hack To Confirm?

Today I have Just read a thread on WebmasterWorld post by a Junior Member who was hit by Penguin codenamed Martin Ice Web. He say's

"I did some search for my one keys, to get a clue out of this mess. 
What I figuered out is, that if I do a normal 3 word search my site is not to be found within the first 30 results, the most of the results are crap. While I research with -amazon, guess what, my site now is on #16. Does there somebody want to get rid of competitors? -amazon will bring better results in almost any search. 
Even Peguinezed sites show up again. "

For the confirmation for this query i have tried my self on my keywords that were hit by penguine then our rankings went back to normal.  Here I am describing below how it's showing..

For example, I have searched  for [Moving Companies Mercer] in then  I see it on #1 with that query but not in 100 for  [Moving Companies Mercer]  without the -amazon.

Give it a try on your end and do let me know if it works for you.

Remember the Google Sandbox, there was a query hack for that to where you would put -dfsdgsdsd -sdfgsdgsdfg -sdfgsdgsdg -sdfgsdfgsdfg -dsfgsdgsdg -sdfgsdfgsdfg -sdgsdfgdsfg at the end of the query and it would show pre-sandbox results.


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