Bing Ads Releases New API, Version 9

    Version 9 of the Bing Ads API is now generally available. This API will bring with it new functionality and improvements to existing features across Bing Ads web services including.

      The API will include the following additions to functionality:
      • Introduction of bulk upload and download methods for campaign management which utilize comma separated values (CSV) and tab separated values (TSV) as the data interchange formats. These data formats are identical to the formats that will be used for importing and exporting of campaigns by the next version of the Bing Ads Editor.
      • Support for new features related to compatibility with AdWords enhanced campaigns such as mobile device preference on ads, bid adjustments on device targets and site link extensions on ad groups.
      • Streamlining of campaign management methods to reduce number of calls needed to manage keywords, ad groups, targets and campaigns.
      • The Ad Intelligence service consolidates the behavior of multiple existing methods to simplify usage.  
      • Addition of GetBudgetLandscape method to the Optimizer service.
      • Ability to get reports for individual ad groups in ad extension reports and individual campaigns in budget reports. Also the removal of features deprecated in version 8 of the API.
      • Removal of methods related to management of campaign analytics, the campaign management REST API and the notifications service due to low usage.
      • Support for authenticating users who have linked their Bing Ads accounts with a Microsoft account using OAuth 2.0.

      The Program Manager of Bing explain that version 9 of the customer billing and customer management APIs are currently available only in the sandbox environment. These will become generally available next month.


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