The Search Engine Algorithm Has Changed

 Google Panda Update
Google search engines are trying to keep their search results as relevant and SPAM-free as possible. On the other hand, there are people who are trying to game the system or just take advantage of the existing loopholes. And, with the ever increasing number of websites on the Internet today, search engines are forced to tweak their search algos every once in a while to keep spammers at bay.

For example, Google's latest big algorithm update known as Panda (or Farmer) was intended to do away with sites that provide poor-quality content and, as a result, provide poor user experience. However, it also affected groups of sites that have significant duplicate content by nature, such as e-commerce sites, online directories, etc.

This update is designed to decrease visibility and reduce rankings of the low quality websites, which are of low or no value for users, as their content is copied from other websites and pages or those who do not match their purpose. At the same time this update allows the sites with original content to have better rankings. The content on these websites is informative and unique made by deep research or a market review. This helps increase traffic on websites which rightfully deserve it.

The new Panda Update is a reminder to website owners that the most important thing on their website is the quality of the content. Without quality content, one cannot achieve success in marketing and SEO. This update requires your website to have quality content with the target customers in mind. Your content should provide the information that is related to the product you are selling or the news that you are trying to spread in the market.


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